Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hurray, spring is almost here!

I think that is what Collin is shouting. We are all very excited for winter to be over. I think Sean's excitement is almost uncontrollable. The snowplowing has been anything but fun and way to often this year. So, we are very excited to welcome spring. This week has been so nice and warm. The snow has almost melted. Kylee says the tulips are starting to grow. And the kids were finally able to get out their bikes and cars and play with dad on the grass.


Kylee is getting so big. Last week, she graduated from a toddler bed to a twin. She loves it because you can now see all of the princesses on her comforter. With the extra room, she has at least doubled the number of dolls and stuffed animals she sleeps with.


Ok, the whole reason Kylee got a big bed was because Collin basically demanded a new bed. He was sick of being in the crib and decided that Kylee's bed was his. He would climb out of the crib and take naps in her bed. He pretty much refused to go to bed in his crib, claiming that Kylee's bed was his. So, we had no choice but to make it his. I guess 2 1/2 is kind of old to be sleeping in a crib...


You think we could get "new" beds for Kylee and Collin, and not Aaron? Think again. Luckily, a new comforter and sheet set were enough to make him happy. So, now everyone is happy with their beds...if only they would stay in them when it's bed time.


And cute little Alyssa, is still stuck in a little bed next to mom. Hopefully, she too, will get to graduate to a bigger bed (crib) soon. Alyssa finally got her first tooth last week and the next one isn't far behind. She is happy most the time, except when mom leaves (especially when mom leaves her with dad). She has learned to roll to get pretty much where she wants, although she does seem to get stuck in corners and under chairs quite often. The next big step will be crawling. Although coming from this family, she's still got a few months before that happens.