Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remodel Complete!

After owning this house for almost 10 years, we have finally finished all of our home remodeling projects (and we have a final inspection report to prove it)! I'm pretty sure we started painting the day we closed on the house and have had projects, big and small, ever since. I finished my list of inside projects a few weeks before Isaac arrived. I was seriously bored out of my mind for those weeks in between. It's a good thing he came when he did and gave me something to do!

I usually have a hard time thinking of things to write when I blog, but when it comes to home improvement, I've got lots to talk about! Since some of you can't come see, I'll show you (with lots of pictures). Here are the changes we have made. Enjoy!

The kitchen! This was actually our second redo of our kitchen. It was one of the first things we redid when we bought the house. But, it was always small and as our family got bigger, we realized we needed more space. So, we tore out the wall behind the couch and turned the frontroom into part of the kitchen. The bar is where the couch used to be. I wish I had a better before picture of the kitchen. The wall behind the baby chair is the wall we took out. The stove is where the table once was.

This first picture is taken pretty much from the same place as the one of the frontroom above. Pretty big changes with this room!

I searched everywhere for a dark brown extension table (that didn't break the bank). I finally found this one at the wood connection and had it stained this color. It extends to fit 10 people! They also had the matching bar stools, which I love!

The frontroom. This actually started out as our bedroom. Our closet used to be where the hardwood is missing on the floor. We always hated our front door and it was always on the list of things to replace. When I was finishing the front room, I decided to paint it. I put some frosted glass film over the window with an M. Then I replaced the hardware. What a difference! Now, we actually like the door and it looks good with the rest of the room.

Thank you Erika for the idea for this shelf. I never had anywhere to display seasonal stuff. When I saw it on her blog, I new it was just what I needed and it was kind-of fun to make.

The playroom. This is the 4th time I've redone this room (2 bedroom redos, office, and playroom). Hopefully, it will stay as it is for a while. I loved the kids green bug room so much that when we moved all the bedrooms downstairs, I redid the baby room in the same theme.

This is what my rolls of vinyl used to look like.

Thanks to Ikea, I am now organized. Even the toys have a place to go.

Our family room. This used to be our garage, that we never parked in, and just stored junk in. It's now the most used room in the house.

I love this picture clock. See where the number 7 should be? We have a thermostat there and I was always trying to find something to cover it up, but still easy to get to. When I saw this clock on Katy's blog, I knew it would be perfect. I made a custom frame that was deep and just sits on top of the thermostat! Awesome. Thank you Katy!

When we first finished the bathroom, it was all green. But, this summer, I redid it to match our bathroom upstairs. The beadboard on the walls is actually wallpaper. It gives the same look of beadboard, but was so much easier to put up. Thanks Tessie for the great idea.

I learned alot of handyman (woman) skills from this bathroom. I installed the tile in the tub, (aren't the little cubbies cool?) the vanity, sinks, faucets, flooring, cabinets, and lights!

Our stairwell before... in the middle...

and after!

I copied my sister who had someone do batten board at her house. This hallway is very long and narrow and I wanted something to brighten it up.

I did a collage frame for each child (this was my mom's idea). It's so cute for the little kids, they just love to look at them.

Benjamin's room...for another few months. I couldn't find any good before pictures. It was just a green room before. I added the cute bugs and animals with vinyl.

And bedroom. This is one of my most favorite rooms in the house. I made the headboard from three bookcases and just turned one on it's side (thanks HGTV).

Aren't the stripes awesome. I just love the way it all came together.

So, that's it. Our house is done. Now I can move on to some other projects I've been wanting to do...crafts, digital scrapbooking, and a cute little baby! I hope you enjoyed the tour.