Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Face

I made these cupcakes for my sil's baby shower. Tessie told me they were blog worthy, so I thought I'd share. I saw them online and couldn't pass up the opportunity to try them. It took pretty much the whole day to make them, but I think it was worth it. They turned out pretty cute and were quite fun to make.

Look at those cute little toes!


Last week, the kids' toothbrushes started dissappearing. Each day, a couple more would be missing. I figured it was Benjamin and I thought I'd find them as I cleaned up during the day, but no such luck. On Friday, I started on a load of wash. As I was pouring, a toothbrush came out with the detergent. I laughed and looked inside. This is what I found.

The little stinker had put 10 toothbrushes in there!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aaron's 7th Birthday

Aaron turned 7 on Tuesday.
He asked for a cake with the little yellow guys from Despicable Me. After searching online, I got a few ideas (and found they are called Minions). This is the first cake I've done with fondant. I'm not sure I love the taste, but it was fun to try something new.
I also saw this idea for cute little Twinkie Minions. They were a hit with the kids.
A couple of months ago, Benjamin slobbered on Aaron's Nintendo DS. Aaron tried to clean it under the faucet. It came clean, but needless to say, it was ruined. Apparently, we never had the "water ruins electronics" talk. Anyway, he was devastated. I knew then that's what I would get him for his Birthday. As soon as he opened it, he left the party to reunite with his dearly missed friend toy. Grandma and Grandpa Marchant also spoiled him with clothes, games, and an activity bag for our trip to Hawaii. It was a full house, but we are glad our family came to help us celebrate. We love you, Aaron!