Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st, 3rd, 6th and more remodeling

Our cute Kylee started 1st grade the beginning of the month. I was a little worried because she loved her teacher last year and her good friend is going to a different school this year. But she seems to really like it. She has homework every night! That part, I don't like so much, but we're really good at doing it. It seems like she is gone a long time, but it's so much better than 2-3 hours of kindergarten. One morning, Aaron came up all dressed ready to go to school himself. It was really cute and really sad that I had to tell him he couldn't go until next year.

Kylee also celebrated her 6th birthday this month. She got some princess toys and lots of cute clothes. She also lost her 3rd tooth the day before her birthday. Hopefully her bottom teeth can start to straighten out a little bit. Though, we have already told her braces are in her future. It's amazing how fast 6 years have gone. We love her so much and glad she is a part of our family.

And more progress on our house! After moving all the bedrooms downstairs, we converted our bedroom into the front room and the kid's bedroom into the office. We had the carpet put in about 3 weeks ago. It is so nice to have a front room and office back. We don't have couches yet, but the kids love to play in a big empty room. It's just nice to have more room to spread out. It is also nice to have the office back! For the past 6 months, our office was packed away in our kitchen pantry. I was so excited to get a desk and set up my computer. Sean was excited to get all of his books out of the boxes.

Now we can use our pantry for the intended purpose and start working on our food storage. We also got the stairs carpeted and a new railing put up. I've wanted to have that done for 7 years (at least the carpet part)! But it wasn't so important when we weren't using the basement. I always used to say "can you imagine looking down the stairs and seeing it finished instead of the ugly steps and cement at the bottom". And we are finally there! Last, but not least, we had our basement toilet hooked up this week (thanks Cody). We don't use it yet because we still have to install the sinks. But it's progress and it's one step closer to the end. Hopefully another week and the sinks will be in. I'm still loving everything we've done so far and am so glad that we've made it this far.


Nikki said...

Oh my gosh!! Sean Marchant from the Grant 12th ward!!! I came across your blog through Casey Fitts's blog. I had to take a peak...You have 4 kids!!! Do you realize how old that makes me feel? It is wonderful to see your cute little family! Tell your family "Hello" from me. I couldn't see a link for Russ and they have a blog? It's looks like you're really happy. That's awesome! Take care,
Nikki (Alexander) Whitehead

Becca said...

Your house looks awesome!! You are so great at getting done and both of you work so hard. I have no idea how you do it with 4 kids. Keep up the good work!

Brand797 said...

Your house looks amazing! I am always excited to see what's new at the Marchants. Can't wait 'til next time we come over!