Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've put off moving Benjamin out of his crib as long as I could. But, Isaac is getting too big for his current bed and it's time to move him into the crib.  So, I pretty much had no choice.  Benjy is obviously loving his new found freedom and the fact that he can get up when he wants. I'm not loving the fact that he doesn't stay in bed anymore. Once (if ever) he learns to stay in bed and sleeps good in it, he gets to move in with the big boys.  Surprisingly, Aaron and Collin are super excited to have him join them.


Meggin said...

I have been debating about making the move for McKay, too. He climbs into Ty's bed nearly every night and says he wants to sleep there. Ty had been in a twin bed for several months by the time he turned two. But I don't have another baby vying for crib space this time around, and I would rather not have to fight that battle quite yet! Good luck with him!

Brand797 said...

Oh he looks so cute in his BIG bed! I can't believe he is that big already