Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who needs toys?

So, I've read a lot of posts recently about kids and the things they find around the house (other than toys) that provide hours of entertainment. So, when I saw Aaron playing this morning, I thought I'd share, too. Recently, Aaron has been into instruction pamphlets. He loves to unfold and then try and fold them back up. He carries them around all day, puts them under his bed when he sleeps, and is constantly asking if it's the right way. It's pretty traumatic if the instructions end up ripping. But luckily, there is usually another one somewhere to be found. Collin is into computers. It's amazing what a 2 year old can do on a computer! Seriously, he can navigate all over and He can drag and click and do all kinds of stuff that even some adults probably can't do. It's crazy to think what these kids will be like with computers when they are older. I think he's addicted - he must get that from me!


Adam & Meggin said...

Oh, I miss those little guys! They sure are cute!

Nibley-Baker Blog said...

I wish we'd had Aaron around after our last trip to IKEA--he would have been in instruction heaven!